Name : Akatsuchi Kanji name : 赤ツチ Nickname :
                        Akatsuchi is a large shinobi from Iwagakure who escorts the Tsuchikage.
Akatsuchi is very jovial and childish in nature and always seems to have a cheerful disposition. He was excited at the prospect of flying once again, even though there was the possibility that they were going off to a battle.[1] He was even excited when he thought Deidara survived the battle against Sasuke, despite Deidara being a criminal and their enemy. During battles he acts very level-headed and efficient as the Tsuchikage's bodyguard. He is also fiercely loyal to the Tsuchikage, as seen when he offered to carry his luggage albeit against his will, refused to leave his side when he heard of Sasuke's fight, just in case Ōnoki's hip went out and as stated by Deidara.

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